About Us

Michael & Diane Peebles

Michael and Diane Peebles have been keeping the festivals and walking in Torah since the early nineties. They have been married for 28 years, have nine children and twenty-one grandchildren, and live a fairly simple life on the land in a multi-generational setting (4 generations on bordering farms, in a community where family connections go back over 150 years.)

Their life experiences include having children at home, homesteading, ministering and counseling individually and as a team, and running a sawmill and timber products business. They facilitate a weekly homeschool co-op.

Michael testifies that he is called and sent by YHWH to labor in things that pertain to the uniting of the sticks of Ephraim and Yehudah. His ministry invites people to participate in the full Torah life. Among other things, this includes teaching and serving to build up individuals and local fellowship groups, and hosting festivals and other events. Michael also serves in a pastoral and teaching capacity in the local fellowship he attends with his family.